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Transparent. Accountable. Effective. These are the adjectives that most citizens would like to use to describe their government — but not everyone can. To address this, a diverse group of people across the world are leading reform within their own countries with support from the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

We worked with OGP to redesign their website, to supercharge these global actions and inspire new commitments in the coming years. Over the last five years, OGP has amassed a massive volume of advice, guidance, success stories, and case studies. Our job was to reframe that into a helpful interface for focal points, organisations, and researchers to discover the opportunities to make more governments more open.

Open Government Partnership.

May 2017.

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The user comes first

We started this project with a ‘discovery’ period, diving deep into the world of OGP and the various stakeholders working on open governance. Every decision we made during the website redesign was informed by our conversations and user testing with the people that are catalysing change in their countries. We learnt that they want great stories about what other people are achieving, the commitments each country has made, and simple how-to guides. With that knowledge, we recommended a new site structure and a focus on creating content based around those three themes.

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Don’t make me think

People want to spend as little time as possible searching for the information they need. If there’s too much to wade through, people will get frustrated and give up. Our solution for the OGP website involved a streamlined menu with straightforward titles that people can understand, and a reorganisation of the content that groups related resources together in one place. Our user research also revealed that by far, the most popular way to view what information is available was with the existing map. So, we took this as the perfect opportunity to add additional layers of detail to the map that can spur on serendipitous discovery of new insights.

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Check out new @opengovpart website - making it easier than ever to tell stories of #opengovernment around the world

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Explore the new #OGP website with many helpful features to help you stay involved in the world of #opengov!

Open Gov Partnership

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Oh look what @Vizzuality built - the new @opengovpart website:

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