SDG16 Data Initiative.

A visualisation of Global Goal 16 indicator data.

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Beauty pageant contestants are not the only people who wish for world peace. We all do. In fact there’s a whole Sustainable Development Goal dedicated to peace, justice and stronger institutions. To make this wish come true though, we need a clear picture of what action needs to be taken and where.

We worked with the SDG16 Data Initiative to build an interactive web application that brings together official UN indicators and supplementary data from non-governmental sources. By visualising the data we already have on an open platform, we can all understand where we are and what we need to do to make the world a more peaceful place. Putting all this information in one place helps us fight corruption, reduce violence and protect fundamental freedoms.

SDG16 Data Initiative.

July 2016.

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Data for peace, justice and stronger institutions

For the first time, all the data related to SDG 16 targets are in one place. Drawing on our experience of building the Government Data Alliance dashboard, we’ve made a web application that quickly introduces people to SDG 16 targets and the data to track them. The data comes from 30 different sources, including UN agencies, the World Bank, Transparency International, and Gallup. We used CARTO Engine to pull all the data together, query all the different databases at once and instantly see the data for the map or country we’re interested in. If you want to download the data, you can do that too, or use the geometrics to draw your own map.

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Design for great user experience

When we built the SDG16 Data Initiative web application we wanted to create the best user experience possible. We think we’ve achieved this with a careful selection of typography, colours and interactions. The serif font Lora adds personality to the headings and titles while a simple colour scale helps people understand how to interact with the map. By applying transversal navigation to the application we’ve been able to guide people towards additional content and extra features, such as a country comparison tool. The result is a delightful, intuitive application that makes global data on peace and justice transparent.

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Lisa Bersales, co-chair of IAEG-SDGS and Head of @PSAgovph welcomes the #SDG16 Data Initiative with one word: Wow!

SDG16 Data Initiative

SDG16 Data Initiative-opinion

Looking for #data on #peace, justice and inclusive governance? Great new resource from @SDG16Data


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Belated but huge thanks to the @Vizzuality team (Clara, Sergio et al) for making happen nearly overnight

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