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Calculating the climate costs of forest loss.

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Our job was to remove the uncertainties around emissions occurring from forest loss. Working closely with the World Resources Institute, we’ve cherry-picked the most important data from the Global Forest Watch Platform and added brand new layers about carbon density and biomass, so you can easily analyse the climate impacts that result. With global scale data analysis, on CartoDB and Google Earth Engine, and simple intuitive interfaces, you can get the data you want, for the areas you care about, just the way you want it.

World Resources Institute.

December 2015.

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Control the interface

Each country has a dedicated page where you can quickly grasp the extent and direction of trends in deforestation, associated emissions and biomass. But we know that no two people are alike; everyone has different preferences for measuring these things. On each graph you can change the unit of measurement, the time range, % canopy density and the dataset shown for each indicator. When you have the data you want, the way you want it, you can save it, print it or share it!

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Keep up with the neighbours

We also added a section where you can compare indicators for specific locations, whether that’s countries, jurisdictions or areas of interest like Protected Areas. It you ever wanted to see if Guatemala or Guyana are doing better at halting deforestation, or if Kenya’s Protected Areas are conserving more biomass than Tanzania’s, you can! With so many different types of people coming to use the tool, we wanted to give you as much flexibility as possible so you can get the data you need.

New tools to customise your experience

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Choose the units, %canopy density and start and end date for each graph with ease.

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Select from a number of areas of interest or jurisdictions for your comparison.

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Or just watch the change over time on our interactive visualisation.

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Look at this awesome website built by @Vizzuality on climate, data and answers -


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Global Forest Watch Climate shows that tropical deforestation led to the release of more than 2,200 million metric tons of carbon every year between 2001 and 2013.

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Nice Work!

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