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The ferocious and devastating storms that swept across our planet in 2017 were stark reminders that our climate is changing. To stop these extreme weather events from becoming the norm, the world’s nations have to keep to their commitment to limit the global temperature increase to 2.0°C above pre-industrial levels. Climate Watch can help policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders assess our progress towards this pledge and inspire more ambitious climate action to reach our goals faster.

Climate Watch is managed by the World Resources Institute and we worked with them to test their initial assumptions and define the scope of the platform. Through conversations with their partners and potential users, we designed a compelling prototype that we then built into a tool that makes it easier for people to analyse national climate pledges, historical greenhouse gas emissions data, and the links between climate action and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Advanced search functions and interactive visualisations offer a new level of transparency that aims to inspire more ambitious commitments. As governments and civil society work together to address the most important issue of our lifetime, Climate Watch will ensure people have access to the most accurate and comprehensive data for decision-making.

World Resources Institute.

November 2017.

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Transparent ambition

Each country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) has been extracted from PDF into HTML format, making them easier to search and compare, and therefore more transparent. People responsible for writing NDCs can see what other countries have pledged and match or raise their ambitions. Through this open approach, countries can learn from one another and go further together.

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Climate is social

In a world where everything is connected, climate action can also deliver social action. Climate Watch maps NDCs against the SDGs so policymakers can identify the policies and measures that will enable countries to simultaneously meet both climate and social targets. Climate change and sustainable development are closely entwined and actions that address both can accelerate our journey towards a world that offers better opportunities for all.


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The Historical Emissions module compiles over 150 years of emissions data from three major data sources.

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Country profiles offer a national-level snapshot of climate progress, risks and vulnerabilities. Compare up to three countries at a time.

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Coming soon: see forecasts of emissions trajectories for over 60 countries or regions to show what pathways could look like through to 2100.

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