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The powerful insights inside big datasets can get lost without a carefully designed visualisation that reveals the data simply and clearly. But more than that, you miss the opportunities for people to look into the data, create their own stories and learn something new about their world, something which could stay with them for years to come. Working with our friends at BBVA Data and Analytics and CartoDB, we developed a series of visualisations for people to learn about the spending behaviour of tourists in Spain during July and August 2014. With our unique blend of pioneering design principles and innovative coding, we turned 5.4 million anonymised credit card transactions into "a piece of artwork" - almost fit for the Prado!


August 2015.

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Taking code to new territories

Over five million records is a rather large amount of data to store, especially when you add a geospatial dimension. Instead of simplifying or splitting up the transactions to make them easy to process, the whole dataset was loaded into CartoDB and queried when needed using their SQL API. To produce a cohesive visualization made up of multiple maps and timelines that run in unison, we modified and extended CartoDB's Torque.js library, so you can quickly jump back and forth in time and drill down to the transactions you want to see.

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A tool to discover stories

Vizzuality is committed to making data easy to look at and understand, so everyone can find their own angle on the data. Our designers paid close attention to crafting an interface that lends itself to clear presentation and powerful analysis. They also structured the visualisations into four smaller, digestible tabs, providing a host of opportunities to gain deep understanding of all the facets of this dataset. Finished with pixel perfect implementation, we created a beautiful, usable, interactive visualisation.

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Barcelona takes the lion’s share of 23% of all spending, while the Balearic Islands is where foreigners outspend Spaniards the most

El Pais

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Apart from looking like it could be a piece of artwork, the map actually displays some exciting information about who and how individuals are spending in Spain in the summer months.

Cleo Mcgee, Wired

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What do foreign tourists spend their money on in Spain? amazing #dataviz by @vizzuality

Ignasi Alcalde

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