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A toolkit for a bioblitz with a twist.

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Back in 2010 we built a series of tools to support a bioblitz in the Woods Hole area of Massachusetts, during a meeting of the Biodiversity Information Standards TDWG. The point of a bioblitz is to get the public to explore their local natural beauty, at the same time as gathering observations of the species in the area. With a little sprinkle of Vizzuality magic, we built some tools to help analyse and tag photos as well as creating a simple website to let participants get involved.


September 2010.

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Uploading Species Pictures

The FlickrTagger is a desktop tool that allows users to upload pictures and geotag them. Developed in Flex, it draws on the interactive capabilities of this technology for organizing and categorizing the user pictures in an optimal way.

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Classifying Observations

The Taxonomizer is a web tool that helps to categorize species observed during the BioBlitz, showing pictures and asking the user for identifying. It uses the GBIF species database as a suggestions dictionary.

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Flickrtagger being used at the bioblitz base camp at #tdwg Come and upload your pictures!

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