Big Data, Small Screens.

The future of farming is satellite SMS.

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Live feeds of information straight from satellites to an SMS or smartphone, direct to the world’s poorest farmers. Beginning this April we are embarking on a joint research project with the Zeitz Foundation to explore how we can help small scale farmers in Kenya improve their food productivity. Important work, beautifully crafted; it’s what Vizzuality are all about.

In the future, smallholders in Kenya will be getting text messages from satellites to help them play with and adopt new, productive, sustainable farming methods. We’ll be working with farmers, using a combination of CartoDB, Twilio and a little Vizzuality magic to build a pioneering prototype that demonstrates the potential of this idea. We want to excite the world with the possibilities of using big data in small packages to deliver sustainable livelihoods.

We're just getting started. In 5 years we hope to be operating in 3 African countries and delivering messages to 50,000 farmers. To do this we still need funding: to get on board, just contact us.

Zeitz Foundation.

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A mobile continent

African mobile use is accelerating and globally it is anticipated that 4bn people will be using internet services through smartphones by 2020.

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Farming under pressure

Across Africa, farmers have to cope with a combination of pressures from climate change impacts, water availability, flooding, and destruction of plants, livestock and buildings from wildlife invasion.

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SMS is a reliable communication baseline worldwide, but it's still under-leveraged. @Vizzuality has an idea .

Bill Morris

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Thx to @craigmmills for the headsup on that last tweet - very impressed with the work @Vizzuality

Alan Smith

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This is great! I want to get involved with this.

Jeff Stephens

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