Deforestation Alert System.

An accurate picture of Amazon deforestation.

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Every week satellites take pictures of the Amazon. These pictures can tell you an awful lot, if you have the tools available to process and analyse the images. Working with Imazon and Google Earth Engine, we built a web tool that clearly displays the results of deforestation algorithms created by the Imazon team. Making the most of Google Earth Engine, Rich Internet Applications and VisualRaster, Imazon had what they needed to analyse and validate satellite images quickly and accurately, allowing faster responses.

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Humans and machines working together to stop deforestation

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Algorithms to find areas of deforestation from the images and measurements of Amazonian rainforests were run using Google Earth Engine. In addition to the data process, the tool relies on the data hosting services of Google Earth Engine.

Deforestation Alerts-details

Pixel manipulations on the client with HTML5 canvas provides a great way to visualize and manipulate raster data on the browser. The tool presents an advanced user interface that allows users to select deforestation polygons, draw new ones, edit shapes or configure thresholds to define areas.

Deforestation Alerts-details

The Imazon organization developed a set of algorithms to detect deforestation areas. Working to improve their workflow for validation means a faster response to this important topic.

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