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Every year hundreds of scientists and tourists visit Antarctica. Field guides are an essential part of the planning, to help them understand where they will find certain species. Working with the SCAR-MarBIN and ANTABIF we were able to put together the Antarctic Field Guide tool to generate these important documents on-the-fly. It pulls in information from multiple sources for each guide and can be published or downloaded as a high quality pdf. We put this together purely in HTML5 and javascript, pushing forward a bunch of new techniques for fast, interactive map tools on the web.


November 2010.

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Pushing tech boundaries to map and browse taxonomies

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For this project we decided to use a different technique for the maps - create tiles and cache them - to provide a much better user experience.

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Working with scientists allowed us to get the best data. The custom backoffice we built allows experts to enter the information and link with external resources with ease.

Antarctic Field Guide-details

For this project we made a great effort to improve previous solutions for taxonomy browsing. We think this is the best Taxonomic Browser we have built to date and is all pure HTML+JS!

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Antarctic Field Guide: check out this great resource, with an information page for orca

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If you would ever travel to the Antarctics... - Build and share your custom Antarctic Field Guide

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